end of a great week start to another

Hi all!

I guess I’ll start with how happy I am that I ended up at Friday Harbor.  I could have so easily not (I always think its interesting to think about the different paths that your life could take) – and its really been a trip of firsts.  I’m getting so much exposure to a side of life that I’ve never really experienced or thought about.  In a week of first time experiences, I’ve rowed a rowboat to town, caught a shrimp with a net, touched a seastar, pressed algae and a host of other scientific things that I thought that I would never experience.  On Friday we took the research vessel Centennial out to Sucia Island and poked around the intertidal region (the area that falls between lo and hi tide) for organisms and fossils.  We saw a ton of barnacles, pisasters, tiny sea anemones and tiny crabs that lived in these spiral shaped shells.  pisasters!

Here are a couple pisasters that I found just chillin’ on the rocks. These two look like they’re either about to copulate or one is about to eat the other.  I can’t decide which.  Learned about the species from Sean and some of the MBQ teachers.  I’m really interested in them, they’re kind of like the lions of the Sahara – top predators of their own ecosystem.  Chasing down barnacles at slow speeds, fascinating.  I’m hoping that I get to see one feed before my time is out.  We were putting another type of seastar (large, 10-20 legs) back in the holding tanks in the lab after we had picked him/her up in the ocean trawl and somebody was saying that it has to be kept separate otherwise it will eat everything put in the tank with it.  wow!  Who knew seastars were such killas

Anyhow, just wanted to end with a really pretty picture of the docks, the labs and the town of Friday Harbor as viewed from across the bay.  Hopefully I’ll be able to link friends/family to this blog, so this one is for you all!

my morning view




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