Oh Hey

Out of all the interesting new things I learned on our trip to Sucia Island this Friday, four things really stuck out in my mind:

1) Beautiful multimillion dollar waterfront homes = ugly and bad

2) Some turtles grow to be the size of islands!

3) Slime star goo is not poisonous to humans (thanks Ross for testing that one out!)


4) Finding a fossil on Sucia does not make you special :(  (but it’s still super fun!)

Besides the four main points I thought it was very interesting that the fossils, which had been preserved for so long in the sediment, crumbled when you applied very little pressure to them. I felt pretty bad every time I accidentally destroyed something that had been preserved for thousands of years, but it seemed that the fossils on Sucia were in no short supply.

On Saturday, Hannah, Liza, Mike, Sean, Taylor and I decided to explore Lime Kiln Park. Although we did not see any Orcas we found a great tree for future sunset watching and we learned that Mike has a tattoo.

Saturday night, Sean, Mike, Sarah and I watched LeRoy Bell and His Only Friends perform an amazing 3-hour long concert at the local theater. You all missed out on the fabulous 5$ rush tickets but you can find LeRoy and his band in Seattle most of the time, so don’t miss another opportunity to see their show!

Wish I would have brought my camera! There will be many lovely pictures next time!

That’s all for now!




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