The False Bay Project

One calm moonlight night in early October an assembly of students from FHL went on an excursion to False Bay.P1000348cr A damp coolness hung in the air and mixed with the aroma of the receding low tide, a tide low enough to drain the entire bay and leave it eerily lifeless at first glance.




However, hovering just above the surface resided a multitude of species and just a few inches below the surface, hosted in all the nutrient rich sediment are worms.P1000301rP1000313r

My safety buddy Polo (I was Marco) equipped with a shovel periodically churned the sediment in pursuit of worms. On occasion we were lucky and found some nice specimens, other times we would seek out other groups and their findings.P1000332rP1000330rP1000322r

As we drifted like plankton from group to group and their findings our excitement grew for the expedition. We were able to walk almost all the way out to the surf. Flanking the drained bay, was a collection of rocks that held a nice variety of marine organisms in tidal pools.P1000325rP1000339rP1000344r


Through the evening we pondered all of the exciting sightings we had encountered. We also pondered the unknown that we hadn’t seen. We started to think of the “what if’s” that were out there. With all of this thinking we were getting spooked, our imagination started to run away with us. But perhaps it was the late night getting to us.


The excitement of the trip took a while to wear off, all the way back we talked. Even if we were cold and got a little wet from leaky boots, that didn’t seem to matter. This was an experience not to be repeated.


I hope everyone else had an adventure as well!




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