False Bay

So I was a little nervous at first to waste so much precious study time outside on the mud flats :) but our False Bay field trip proved well worth it!

After finding my first lug worm happily burrowing its way into the dark sediment I instantly forgot about the giant hole in my boot and the rotten egg smell around me. I was amazed at how the worm’s paths remained beautifully intact as I pulled the sediment apart around it.  I hung close to Emily, Moose, and Kelly who were able identify all of the cool things we found! Among my favorite finds was the tiny sea cucumber and the Dungeness crab we found buried beneath the mud. Overall I was really impressed with all the creatures that were built to withstand such completely different environments; living under several feet of water and mud and at times also living above the sediment exposed to open air. I was also glad that I heard Kelly’s presentation before I went because I had an even greater respect for the worms I saw once I knew a little about them.

Again I did not have my camera with me for this adventure but I will try my best to get some pictures up for the next entry!

Thanks for listening!



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