Look on the Early Side

So, waking up at 5:30am is a little on the early side. Partially because it is still pitch dark at 5:30am and still at 6:00am frankly. Also, I totally did not bring my headlamp, which was an oversight to say the least. Megan pretty much set the tone for how we all felt.

Megan Sleeping

Perhaps, the best way to explain the awesome variance in light that we experience during the field trip is best explained by comparing the following two photos. The one on top was taken in the first half hour of the trip and the one on the bottom was taken in the last half hour of the trip

class at begining

class at the end

We saw tons of different kinds of algae and sea grass. Below is a nice picture of Emily and Mike with the collection bucket with lots of sea grass in the foreground.

Emily and Mike

Megan continued her tasting of algae for the betterment of man, but she passed on the coralline alga, which is the prettiest in my opinion. However, I can see how a calcium cell wall could be a turn off to the palette. Below is a great example of the colors of the intertidal zone. Red coralline algae next to green sea anemones.

coralline algae and sea anemones

The rocks were covered with barnacles, which is too be expected, but we came across some Mytilus californicus, which are very common on the main land, but are very rare on San Juan. M. californicus is one big mussel, but I prefer the baby barnacles because they are just so darn cute.

small barnicles

And once again it is time for our favorite interlude. SEA ANEMONES! Moose agrees with me – they are awesomeness. Here we can see one of the move.

sea anemones moving

That does not look comfortable. I, for one, am not that flexible. Maybe I should start doing Pilates in the Commons with Jessica, Liza, Becca, and Taylor.

We made only one collection and it was my baby sea star. Here you can see it hanging out in the sea grass and again in Megan’s hand.

starfish in seagrass
Megan with starfish

It had clear bubble-like structures all over it’s back. It seemed to sparkle like one of the twilight vampires. We concluded in the van back that it was the communal baby. This is Mike’s reaction.

Mike driving




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