Cancer productus, Sorry for killing you

Red rock crab, I won’t lie, killing you made my day. Sorry, but you were a pretty agressive bugger in the tank: killing, pinching, and general bullying around. Here’s your final shot:

PETA Approved!

PETA Approved!

You and your kind are found from Alaska to Baja California. I happened to pick you up in a trawl just north of Caution Point, San Juan Island, WA. I’m sorry you had to sit in our tanks for so long. It couldn’t have been pleasant. Your precious gills couldn’t have been getting enough nutrients to be happy.

Honestly, I am grateful that you sacrificed your body, although Taylor and I had a hard time distinguising your guts from your gonads. Here Tay got another good one of inside the shell. Guts or gonads?

The coolest thing I learned was about how their joints function. Megan came by and pointed out the limited movement of each of their joints. The connections between exoskeleton segments allow bending in a particular way.  Their dexteria is a result of many bidirectional joints acting together.

I hope you all enjoyed our picture and description of the entire crab. I enjoyed all of your presentations… no dying in vain.

Sorry for me being a space cadet and forgetting to submit this draft. Enjoy!



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