Orr's Island
Michael Nishizaki

Visiting Assistant Professor
The Maritime Studies Program
Williams College & Mystic Seaport
Mystic, CT, USA
mtn1 (at) williams (dot) edu

Eddy correlation

Throughout the world, waterways provide services that support social, economic, and cultural development. Indeed, half of the annual US GDP is generated in coastal counties (Congressional record , April 2007), and by the year 2025, it is predicted that 75% of the US population will live within 50 miles of a coastline. In the context of global change, it is important to understand how marine organisms will respond to variation/uncertainty in their environment.

My research interests center on the interactions between aquatic organisms and their physical environment. I am specifically interested in the array of physiological and behavioral responses that organisms employ when faced with environmental uncertainty. I use both experimental and theoretical approaches to address how changes in the physical environment influence the behavioral ecology, physiological performance and developmental biology of organisms. At Guelph, I am using eddy correlation technique to measure in situ benthic O2 flux without disturbing the natural flow conditions.

Mike Nish

Post-doctoral researcher (2013-2015)
University of Guelph
Science Complex
University of Guelph
Guelph, Ontario, Canada
N1G 2W1
mnishiza (at) uoguelph (dot) ca

Visiting instructor (2012-2013)
Bowdoin College

Graduate Student (2005-2013)
University of Washington